Personal and Leadership Development

The top leaders are continual learners, always seeking to improve their capabilities and develop themselves in order to achieve winning results. These guests want to help you keep growing and learning.

Episode 24: Effective interviewing with Arianne Gasser

Arianne Gasser episode 24 Effective interviewing

Whether you’re the interviewer or the candidate, the stakes are high in the recruiting process. Both sides stand to lose valuable time, money, and opportunities if a candidate turns out not to be the right fit for the role, yet even long interview processes offer only a snapshot of the opportunity. In episode 24 of the Talent Champions podcast, Diana talks with communication professor Arianne Gasser about ways to make job interviews more successful for all involved.

Episode 22: Working across cultures with Paula Caligiuri

Cultural agility is the ability to quickly, comfortably, and effectively work in different countries and collaborate successfully with people from different cultures. Diana talks with Paula Caligiuri about how developing cultural agility is a pressing need for leaders in all organizations—not only multinational corporations. Learn how to assess and build a culturally agile team.

Episode 21: Everyday approaches to reducing stress and anxiety with Peggy Sealfon

Stress and anxiety are epidemic in many of our lives. Is it even possible to be productive, successful, and healthy in today's business world? Diana talks with Peggy Sealfon about large and small changes that can help you to feel less overwhelmed and more focused.

Episode 20: Using feedback for good with Jim Moore

Feedback can be a double-edged sword: the giver usually intends to be helpful but often comes across downright crushing. On the other hand, many leaders are locked in a cycle of making the same mistakes over and over while struggling to get anyone to give them the honest feedback they need to improve. In this episode, Diana talks with Marshall Goldsmith’s own coach, Jim Moore, about how givers and receivers can turn feedback into the vital tool for growth it was always meant to be.

Episode 18: Take your executive presence to the next level with Val Williams

A powerful executive presence will make you more effective as a leader, and today’s guest says it doesn’t have to be an elusive trait. Learn how to take your executive presence to the next level with coach and author Val Williams.

Episode 15: From Management Mess to Leadership Success with Scott Miller

There's no one right path to guaranteed leadership success, particularly if the skills needed to lead and inspire don't come naturally. Scott Miller, author of the new book Management Mess to Leadership Success, talks about his journey as a leader and how to assess whether your aspiration to lead is the right fit for you.

Episode 14: Creating your leadership story with Lisa Doyle

A servant leader is genuinely interested in serving others—employees, customers, peers, and colleagues. Servant leaders set the purpose for the team and lead with their values. A compelling leadership story helps others to understand why they lead the way they do. Lisa Doyle, VP of Global Learning at Booz Allen Hamilton, shares her leadership story, along with some guidance for crafting your own story.

Episode 13: Cracking the c-suite code with Cassandra Frangos

Whether you aspire to the c-suite, coach others to help them get there, or are looking to take your next step up the leadership ladder, you’ll learn lots from the ideas and practical advice shared by Cassandra Frangos. After working on the succession plan for one of the biggest CEOs in the tech world, Cassandra published Cracking the C-Suite Code: How successful leaders make it to the top to help others learn how to navigate into the executive level.

Episode 11: Strategic communication with Arianne Gasser

Strategic communication is the practice of being intentional about how we communicate, who we communicate with, which channels we use, and when we communicate. Every point of communication ties back to an overarching vision and strategy. Arianne Gasser, adjunct communication professor at Villanova University and product manager at Energage, talks about how successful leaders communicate and why what you say is just as important as what you don’t say.

Episode 10: Creating an executive presence with Anna Wildermuth

How you present yourself and communicate with your peers is critical to successful leadership and moving up in the ranks. But for many people, a powerful executive presence can be elusive as they struggle to understand what’s holding them back. Anna Wildermuth, Founder and CEO of Personal Images and an award-winning executive image consultant, talks with Diana about some of the most common struggles when it comes to looking and acting the part of an executive leader.

Episode 5: Be more productive with Kory Kogon

We all have many demands on our time. How do you make sure you’re accomplishing the right things and using your allotted hours as efficiently as possible? Kory Kogon, author of The Five Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity and a VP in the FranklinCovey organization, shares tips, tricks, and prioritization methods for surviving in a fast-paced business world.

Episode 4: Building your network with Michael Dulworth

Networking is a critical and underrated success factor for talent champions, which is why we’re devoting another episode to talking about how to build your own strategic and intentional network. Michael Dulworth, a professional networker and CEO at Executive Networks, addresses some of the biggest challenges people associate with networking.

Episode 3: Networking with Mary McNevin

Building a strong, active network is one of the biggest secrets to success for leaders in almost any field, but so many of us struggle to make and nurture authentic connections. Mary McNevin, a long-time successful talent leader and power networker, talks about how to create your own network of powerful connections who can help you when you need it most.