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Diana Thomas, Executive Coach, Advisor, and Author, is the former VP for U.S. Training, Learning and Development at McDonald’s Corporation. Throughout the course of her career, Diana was privileged to interact with powerful leaders across learning, HR, and talent, and she continues to be active in the industry as a coach and thought leader. She started Talent Champions to as a platform for talent leaders to share their expertise and help others continue to learn and grow.

Kristine Lilly, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion

Kristine Lilly, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion

Episode 19: Winning through teamwork on the field and off

Dr. John Gillis, LeadershipX Principal

Dr. John Gillis, LeadershipX Principal

With Kristine Lilly and John Gillis, co-authors of Powerhouse: 13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success

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