Episode 24

Effective interviewing with Arianne Gasser

October 31, 2019

Talent Champions episode 24 Arianne Gasser

Whether you’re the interviewer or the candidate, the stakes are high in the recruiting process. Both sides stand to lose valuable time, money, and opportunities if a candidate turns out not to be the right fit for the role, yet even long interview processes offer only a snapshot of the opportunity. In episode 24 of the Talent Champions podcast, Diana talks with communication professor Arianne Gasser about ways to make job interviews more successful for all involved.

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Key takeaways from episode 24

  • Strategic interviewers are eager to learn, patient, and persistent. They listen carefully and know what they’re looking for. That includes assessing what the candidate can do (technical competencies) and will do (attitude and personality). From here, strategic interviewers are prepared with strategic, targeted questions to assess both what the candidate can do and will do. Finally, strategic interviewers are purposeful. They know what they’re trying to accomplish with each question and don’t ask a question just for the sake of asking it.

  • One of the biggest mistakes in interviewing is sticking to a script. Yes, you need to be prepared, but you should also engage with the candidate and ask probing questions as they arise in the conversation.

  • Another mistake is asking closed, leading, or guessing questions that limit the type of answer you’ll get or encourage the candidate to answer in a certain way. Unless it’s intentional, keep your questions open and neutral.

  • Different types of interviews are appropriate at different phases of the interviewing process. Think through the purpose and objectives to plan out what type of interview fits where.

  • We’ll all find ourselves on the other side of the table at some point, being interviewed. See every interview as a chance to learn and don’t try to bring perfection. Stay true to yourself in order to find a role that is a true good fit for you.

  • Come prepared and practice. Research publicly available information about the company and ask questions that you can’t find in a google search. Ask what success looks like for people in the company. Show genuine interest and make an effort to connect with the interviewer.

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