Episode 13

Cracking the c-suite code with Cassandra Frangos

May 23, 2019


Whether you aspire to the c-suite, coach others to help them get there, or are looking to take your next step up the leadership ladder, you’ll learn lots from the ideas and practical advice shared by Cassandra Frangos. After working on the succession plan for one of the biggest CEOs in the tech world, Cassandra published Cracking the C-Suite Code: How successful leaders make it to the top to help others learn how to navigate into the executive level.

You can connect with Cassandra on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Career accelerators and derailers

If you’ve worked your way up through one organization, you have a unique opportunity to accelerate your career. You also face derailers that can throw a wrench in your plans. Complete the form below to access a download featuring content from Cassandra Frangos’ Crack the C-Suite Code.

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