Human Resources and Workplace Culture

The human resources profession continues to evolve and have an increasing impact on organizational results. Our guests at the top of the field bring insights into building a winning culture and succeeding in HR.

Episode 24: Effective interviewing with Arianne Gasser

Arianne Gasser episode 24 Effective interviewing

Whether you’re the interviewer or the candidate, the stakes are high in the recruiting process. Both sides stand to lose valuable time, money, and opportunities if a candidate turns out not to be the right fit for the role, yet even long interview processes offer only a snapshot of the opportunity. In episode 24 of the Talent Champions podcast, Diana talks with communication professor Arianne Gasser about ways to make job interviews more successful for all involved.

Episode 23: Job fit, company culture, and hiring for success with Sonia Clark

Bringing in a new leader to accomplish something that hasn’t been possible internally can lead to a major culture clash. In episode 23 of the Talent Champions podcast, Diana talks with Sonia Clark about how both sides can go into the hiring process with eyes wide open, ensuring the best possible fit and setting the new leader up for success. Sonia’s advice is equally valuable whether you’re interviewing for a new role or recruiting for a high-profile position.

Episode 22: Working across cultures with Paula Caligiuri

Cultural agility is the ability to quickly, comfortably, and effectively work in different countries and collaborate successfully with people from different cultures. Diana talks with Paula Caligiuri about how developing cultural agility is a pressing need for leaders in all organizations—not only multinational corporations. Learn how to assess and build a culturally agile team.

Episode 20: Using feedback for good with Jim Moore

Feedback can be a double-edged sword: the giver usually intends to be helpful but often comes across downright crushing. On the other hand, many leaders are locked in a cycle of making the same mistakes over and over while struggling to get anyone to give them the honest feedback they need to improve. Diana talks with Marshall Goldsmith’s own coach, Jim Moore, about how givers and receivers can turn feedback into the vital tool for growth it was always meant to be.

Episode 19: Winning through teamwork on the field and off with John Gillis and Kristine Lilly

Teamwork is a competitive advantage for every organization, but many so-called teams are actually a collection of high-performing individuals who are functioning independently. John Gillis and Kristine Lilly, authors of the new book Powerhouse: 13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success, show us how lessons in teamwork from the world-champion U.S. women’s soccer team can translate into the business world.

Episode 17: Diversity and inclusion with Dennis Kennedy and Angeles Valenciano

Diversity and inclusion are critical factors for any talent champion who wants to succeed in today's world. Dennis Kennedy and Angeles Valenciano, Founder and CEO respectively of the National Diversity Council, talk about where we've been and how far we still have to go in order to create equality in the workplace.

Episode 16: Human capital analytics and technology with Anna Tavis

Through the rise of software development methodologies, the agile way of working has transformed performance management, bringing the customer experience to the inside of the creation process. Dr. Anna Tavis, human capital thought leader and creator of human capital master’s programs at NYU, explains how agile has forever changed the way we work in HR and what talent champions can do to stay on top.

Episode 12: Creating a talent brand with Kristen Riberio

Attracting a diverse talent pool requires a strong brand that resonates with the variety of groups from which your organization recruits. Kristen Ribero, head of employer marketing at Handshake, shares ideas for building an employer brand, measuring your efforts, and improving the effectiveness of college and university recruiting.

Episode 8: Building a culture that attracts and retains talent with Judy Whitcomb

In a world of stiff competition for talent, companies are doing everything they can to create an environment that attracts the right people and keeps them on board. As SVP of HR, Learning, and Organizational Development at Vi Senior Living, Judy Whitcomb and her team have worked to build a culture that's a powerful force for attracting and retaining talent. Listen now to learn how they established the culture and what they're doing today to keep it strong.

Episode 6: The desk of the CHRO with Carol McBride

Chief human resource officers are challenged to be strategic business partners by recruiting talent for open positions and filling the leadership pipeline for future needs—all while balancing the day-to-day HR needs of a growing workforce. Carol McBride, CHRO of Germania Insurance and author of HR, Where's your freaking sense of humor? talks about what her team is doing to meet business needs and how she stays relevant in a competitive field. Carol also offers important advice for aspiring CHROs.