Episode 18

Take your executive presence to the next level with Val Williams

August 8, 2019

Talent Champions episode 18 Val Williams

A powerful executive presence will make you more effective as a leader, and today’s guest says it doesn’t have to be an elusive trait. Learn how to take your executive presence to the next level with coach and author Val Williams.

You can connect with Val and find more of her work at her website, ValWilliams.com.

The Blind Spots of High Achievers: Bonus content from Val Williams

Val has created five brief clips discussing the blind spots of high achievers, which you can access in both audio and video formats. The five blind spots are:

  1. Stepping Up: The End of Your Winning Formula

  2. Leading Powerfully: The Hidden Need for Approval

  3. Being Overwhelmed: The Super-Busy Trap 

  4. Shifting from Doer to Leader

  5. The Alpha Leader

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