Training, Learning, and Development

Developing talent is the ultimate way to impact the business. Our TL&D guests offer listeners new ways to create training that drives results.

Episode 9: Designing training that attracts and retains today’s employees with Bob Mosher

Designing training that attracts and retains today’s employees with Bob Mosher episode 9

Training that truly serves the needs of today’s employees has evolved beyond the classroom and formalized instruction to point-of-need support. How do learning and development professionals keep up? Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist at Apply Synergies, talks about keeping up with the rate of change in organizations and creating a culture shift that gets people learning and performing at a much faster rate.

Episode 7: Using strategic evaluation to drive results with Stacey Boyle

Talent leaders are challenged to drive business results, and there’s no shortage of measurement tools purported to help you squeeze insights out of your data. Dr. Stacey Boyle, Chief People Planner at Smarter People Planning and Diana’s co-author on Be More Strategic in Business, talks about approaching analytics from the bigger picture view—why are you measuring? What do you want evaluation to help you accomplish?

Episode 2: The tech landscape with learning technologist Casper Moerck

Technology has radically changed the talent field, and that's not stopping any time soon. Casper Moerck, Head of Learning Technology for the Americas at Siemens, talks about what's on the horizon and gives practical ideas to help talent champions keep up this critical competency.

Episode 1: The role of the CLO with researcher Sarah Kimmel

How can learning leaders stay on top of everything they need to succeed today and tomorrow? Diana discussed that question in depth with Sarah Kimmel, VP of Research for Human Capital Media, a division of MediaTec Publishing, which publishes Chief Learning Officer, Talent Economy, and Workforce magazines. Sarah was the lead researcher on an unprecedented report called "The Role of CLO: What's next?" Even our talent champions in HR without direct responsibilities for learning will want to hear Sarah's great insights.