Episode 21

Everyday approaches to reducing stress and anxiety with Peggy Sealfon

September 19, 2019

Talent Champions episode 21 Peggy Sealfon stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are epidemic in many of our lives. Is it even possible to be productive, successful, and healthy in today's business world? In episode 21 of the Talent Champions podcast, Diana talks with Peggy Sealfon about large and small changes that can help you to feel less overwhelmed and more focused.

You can connect with Peggy on Facebook and find out more about her on her website. She also runs Be Well in Paradise, which brings together wellness practitioners in Collier County, Florida, to create a wellness destination. New members of Be Well in Paradise can receive a free yoga nidra recording.

Resources mentioned in the episode

Peggy shares a variety of resources during the episode, including:

Summary of tips from episode 21

Peggy Sealfon Happiness is an inside job
  • You can begin to balance your life, manage stress, and reduce anxiety by making small but powerful changes to your mindset and using time-tested techniques that don’t take up more than a few minutes of your day.

  • Give yoga nidra a try. You don’t have to a super flexible yogi—if you can sit in a chair and lie on the floor, you can do yoga nidra. It’s a relaxing, meditative yoga practice that leaves lasting effects. Visit our website, talent dash champions dot com, to find links to these and other resources Peggy recommended.

  • Chronic stress creates patterns of worry in our brains, which can lead to a perpetual state of fight-or-flight. It’s critical to understand the source of your feelings when you’re overwhelmed and frazzled. Figuring out which part of your life is out of balance will allow you to address those feelings in a productive way, before it all comes to a head and you’re forced to deal with it in the form of physical health ailments.

  • Happiness is an inside job. So many of us live in patterns of stress and feeling like, if I can just get to the next point, things will get better. Unfortunately, when you’re in that pattern, there always ends up being yet another thing to overcome before you can make changes. To break the cycle, commit to being in the present moment and embracing the current phase of your journey.

  • Giving your brain a brief rest when you’re under deadline actually makes you more productive. It feels counter-intuitive to stop working when every minute counts—but try it sometime. Productivity pauses do work! Deep, cleansing breathing is another tool that can clear out stress and help you focus.

  • Start your day with time for yourself, including affirmations of the way you desire to be, and set up reminders of those affirmations throughout the day as a touchstone. Reevaluate periodically. Life changes, we change, and our affirmations need to evolve over time too. By giving yourself a few minutes of peace in the morning, you’ll unlock your ability to prioritize your task list.

  • Above all, pick one or two things to try—if you attempt to overhaul your whole life in one fell swoop, it won’t last. Start small and focus on making that one change stick.

Bonus Content from Peggy Sealfon

Peggy has offered two additional downloads for Talent Champions listeners.

Escape from Anxiety by Peggy Sealfon

Book Excerpt

Download an excerpt from Escape from Anxiety. Chapter 9 shares 10 ways to stop stress and anxiety that destroy your energy and vitality.

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