Episode 4

Building your Network with Michael Dulworth

January 17, 2019


Networking is a critical and underrated success factor for talent champions, which is why we’re devoting another episode to talking about how to build your own strategic and intentional network. Michael Dulworth, a professional networker and CEO at Executive Networks, addresses some of the biggest challenges people associate with networking.

Do you want to network with Mike? Find him on LinkedIn.


Networking Resources from Episode 4

Looking for more great content about networking? Check out these links that were discussed in the episode.

  • Rob Cross: Professor and researcher applying social network analysis to critical business issues

  • “Collaborative Overload” on Harvard Business Review: Collaborative demands of work have contributed to key talent becoming overloaded at work

  • YOU by Flerish: App to help you build your personal advisory board

  • The Startup of You: Visual summary and advanced tips for using LinkedIn, based on the book of the same title


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