Episode 19

Winning through teamwork on the field and off with John Gillis and Kristine Lilly

August 22, 2019

Talent Champions episode 19 John Gillis and Kristine Lilly

Teamwork is a competitive advantage for every organization, but many so-called teams are actually a collection of high-performing individuals who are functioning independently. John Gillis and Kristine Lilly, authors of the new book Powerhouse: 13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success, show us how lessons in teamwork from the world-champion U.S. women’s soccer team can translate into the business world.

For more from Kristine, check out her website, KristineLilly13.com. She’s also on Instagram and Twitter. Connect with John via his website, JohnGillisJr.com, where you can sign up for a weekly email of thought-provoking leadership insights and receive a free preview of Powerhouse.

Teamwork lessons from episode 19

  • Teamwork is a competitive advantage. If you aren’t investing in building strong, winning teams, you’re missing a critical success factor for your organization.

  • Just because people wear the same jersey doesn’t mean they’re a team. A group of individuals who are all working hard but operating independently is a team in name only. Taking those high-performing individuals and applying teamwork tactics will take them from good to great.

  • Leaders of high-performing teams lead with humility, and team members are accountable for the success of the team. By operating ethically and unifying behind an inspiring mission, you can motivate people to pull together and win.

  • Celebrate successes—even small ones. Informal recognition and encouragement go a long way to creating a positive, motivating environment. While not every moment may be fun, people should enjoy their work overall.

  • Even top-ranked athletes have moments of doubt, just like high-level leaders. Being able to push through and move past self-doubt is one of the things that separates the great from the average. Leaders also need to practice regular self-care, just like athletes, to ensure they have the stamina to perform day in and day out.

  • As much as possible, foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual trust on your team. The interpersonal relationships will help people keep going when times are tough.

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