Episode 9

Designing training that attracts and retains today’s employees with Bob Mosher

March 28, 2019

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Training that truly serves the needs of today’s employees has evolved beyond the classroom and formalized instruction to point-of-need support. How do learning and development professionals keep up? Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist at Apply Synergies, talks about keeping up with the rate of change in organizations and creating a culture shift that gets people learning and performing at a much faster rate.

You can connect with Bob by emailing him or visiting the APPLY Synergies website.

5 moments of need

The 5 moments of need were born out of the realization that not all learning can or will take place in the classroom or during other formalized instruction. By categorizing the perceived training needs based on the learner’s need, we use the 5 moments to pare back the options and determine the optimal approach.

Moment 1: Apply

When performers need to act upon what they have learned, which included planning what they will do, remembering what they have forgotten, or adapting their performance to a unique situation.

Moment 2: New

When performers are learning how to do something for the first time.

Moment 3: More

When performers are expanding the breadth and depth of what they have learned.

Moment 4: Solve

When problems arise, or things break or don't work the way they were intended.

Moment 5: Change

When performers need to learn a new way of doing something, which requires them to change skills that are deeply ingrained in their performance practices.

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